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Vehicle return timeline

Southeast Toyota Finance is here to help make your lease-end experience simple and smooth.

90 days: research

Choose your lease-end option
  • Lease or Buy a new Toyota 
    When you buy or lease a new Toyota, you could save up to $850 in Loyalty savings*.
  • Purchase your current Toyota
    Call 1-877-272-7752 to speak about purchasing your current leased Toyota.
  • Extend your lease
    Download the Lease Extension Request Form.

60 days: inspection

  • Appointment^
    A representative will contact you to schedule a complimentary vehicle inspection at your home, office or other convenient location. Or you can schedule your inspection online with AutoVIN.  You'll need to have your VIN and Southeast Toyota Finance account number on hand for scheduling.
  • Repairs 
    If your inspection report indicates repairs are necessary, you can schedule most repairs with your Toyota dealer. Make sure to keep all receipts to confirm repairs were completed. 

30 days: turn-in appointment

  • Schedule
    Contact your Toyota dealer to schedule your turn-in appointment. 
  • Appointment
    When you turn in your vehicle, make sure to return all keys, key fobs, owner manual, spare tire, head rests, and third row seats (if applicable) to your Toyota dealer.

Lease end: final steps

  • Mail
    After you turn in your leased vehicle, Southeast Toyota Finance will mail you the Odometer Statement. Please sign and return the Odometer Statement in the provided self-addressed envelope. 
  • Repairs
    If you made any repairs to your Toyota after your inspection, please mail the repair receipts to Southeast Toyota Finance. On each receipt, include your name, VIN number and Account number. Confirm your final mileage with Southeast Toyota Finance by calling 1-877-272-7752.

End of term payments

Within one to two weeks after you turn in your lease, you may receive an invoice for any end-of-term charges, including excess wear and use. 

Learn more about excess wear and use.

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