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Your guide to Toyota’s best accessories 
August 2021
4 min read
Toyota sells more than 25 models of cars. That means there’s something out there for everyone, whether it be the family-friendly Highlander or the rugged off-roading 4Runner.  

But the excellence doesn’t end at those options. It also extends to each car’s unique accessories. 

With so much to choose from, it can be hard to narrow down what you want. That’s why we put together this list explaining common accessories – and how these features can help you in the first place.  

What accessories does Toyota provide?
When it comes to accessories, your options are always going to vary between car models. But here are some common customization options that branch across different Toyotas.  

All-Weather mats 
It’s so hard to keep your car free from dirt or sand. That’s why all-weather mats are a favorite accessory choice – especially for parents, pet-owners or anyone who finds themselves out on the road often.  
A black weather mats fits snugly in the floor space of a Corolla cabin.Your all-weather mats are guaranteed to fit perfectly, because each one is custom-made for your Toyota’s build.

Over 20 Toyota models like the family-friendly Highlander and Sequoia have all-weather mats. These rubber-like accessories can be placed in the front, back or trunk, and are easy to take in and out. One quick wash with soap and water in your shower or backyard, and your car will look good as new again. 

Wheels seem to be the most straightforward part of a car. Still, you would be surprised at how many customization options there are.   
A shiny black Toyota Racing Development 16-inch alloy wheel stands on its side. Matte black is a popular color for TRD alloy wheels.

Several Toyotas are compatible with Toyota Racing Development (TRD) alloy wheels. These 16-inch performance wheels are lighter than standard wheels, dissipate heat better and provide a higher strength-to-weight ratio. They also come in different sizes, styles, and colors like matte gray, black matte and bronze.  

Touch Keypad 
Getting locked out of your car is never a fun experience, and it can even be dangerous if someone is stuck in the vehicle. Thankfully, that’s something you can now avoid with the Touch Keypad. And you can’t get it anywhere else, because it’s only sold in the five Southeastern states of Florida, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina and South Carolina. 

The Touch Keypad allows users to lock and unlock the vehicle using a five-digit code, even without a key or key remote. It’s installed on the inside of the windshield to protect it from the outdoors, but it can sense your touch through the glass. It even lights up so that you can see the keys clearly in the dark.  
A finger hovers over the Touch Keypad on the windshield of a Toyota.

The Touch Keypad can be pre-installed in your vehicle or installed at a Toyota dealership later.

The Touch Keypad has a few handy shortcuts that make it easy and convenient to use. Only the driver’s door will unlock if you input your code normally. However, if you want to unlock all four doors at once, all you have to do is hold the last digit of your code until you hear the doors all unlock. To lock all doors, touch and hold the 3/4 and 7/8 buttons at the same time. An LED light will flash five times, which is how you know the process is complete.  

You can change the code anytime you want, and the device comes with a 3-year or 36,000-mile warranty. If you want peace of mind about always getting into your vehicle, the Touch Keypad may be a worthwhile purchase. 
When it comes to accessories, your options are always going to vary between car models.
Toyota XSeries  
Like the Touch keypad, the Toyota XSeries is only available in the Southeast. But this fleet of accessories are not only focused on convenience, but also style. 
A black running board spans the bottom of a red 4Runner.Running boards not only help you get your footing, but they look nice on the vehicle, too.

The Toyota XSeries is defining new roads ahead with style and substance. Available in popular models like the 4Runner, Highlander, RAV4, Tacoma, Camry, and Tundra, packages can include black gloss wheels with a tire performance upgrade, running boards and gloss black emblem overlays. Other eye-catching features include black mirror covers, glossy front grille covers and black chrome exhaust tips.  

Why should I accessorize my vehicle?
Accessories are, of course, optional. So your decision on whether to buy one comes down to this – is it worth it?  

For many people, that answer is yes. Here are a few reasons why.  

Accessories may increase your car’s resale value  
If you ever want to sell your car down the road, accessories make your vehicle stand out from the others offered. A family is much more likely to buy a car with weather mats and cargo nets, while a car buff is more likely to buy a car with upgraded wheels and good-looking features. Those accessories also make the vehicle worth more, which could increase the cash you get from the sale.  

Accessories can help protect your car’s condition for longer 
No matter how careful you are, at some point your Toyota will probably be prone to spills, dirt, and more. But there’s likely an accessory that can help you keep your Toyota in the best condition possible for a longer amount of time.  

Those all-weather mats we discussed before can help to protect your floors from wear and tear for years, and those storage cubbies are going to stop things from spilling and leaving stains. And by choosing genuine Toyota accessories, you’ll know they’re made from high-quality materials and sized to fit your vehicle. 

Accessories often make your life easier  
While you don’t need accessories the same way you need an engine or tires, there’s no denying that they can make your life a whole lot less stressful. With car mats, you’re safe from soda spills and muddy shoes. With the Touch Keypad, you don’t have to worry about getting locked out of your car. The peace of mind accessories can provide are worth their weight in gold. 

So why not check out what’s available for your vehicle?  You can browse all of Toyota’s accessory options here.

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