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How the Toyota Crown’s Hybrid MAX system puts performance first
September 2023
4 min read
At first glance, the phrase “high-performing hybrid” may sound like a mistake. After all, hybrids can’t provide the same power as gas vehicles, right?
That assumption might have been true in the past. But thanks to Toyota’s strides in hybrid technology, several hybrid engines now pack a punch — including the Toyota Crown’s new Hybrid MAX powertrain on the Platinum trim. This system takes what made its predecessors great and supplies even more strength for maximum speed and performance. 
Let’s explore how it works.  

Hardworking hybrid power 

Toyota’s Hybrid MAX powertrain has three primary parts: a 2.4-L gas engine and two battery-powered electric motors. The turbocharged gas engine drums up 275 horsepower — but the two electric motors kick in to boost the vehicle’s horsepower to 340 combined. That’s 40 more than the GR Corolla – a sports car!  
2023 Toyota crown engine

The Hybrid MAX’s gas engine is turbocharged, compressing air intake to provide extra power. 

The Hybrid MAX engine also provides an impressive 400 lb-ft of torque: a measure of how quickly your vehicle accelerates upon starting. That’s because electric motors allow for nearly instant, lag-free power transfer compared to gas ignition. The Toyota Crown Platinum can accelerate to 60 miles per hour in less than six seconds! 

Most hybrids use continuously variable transmission (CVT), which uses a pulley system to control vehicle power. The Toyota Crown Platinum, however, has a 6-speed automatic transmission, which uses gears. While the system changes gears as needed on its own, the driver can also upshift and downshift manually, allowing for a more engaging and user-controlled drive. 

The consequence of power is usually fewer miles per gallon. But true to its namesake, the Hybrid MAX engine is a hybrid famed for its gas-conserving abilities. The Toyota Crown Platinum boasts a combined 30 miles per gallon, while other vehicles with similar stats have mileage in the 20s

It’s not only the engine and motors that make the Hybrid MAX system unique. It’s also the way those parts are arranged. 

All-wheel drive — but with a twist 

An all-wheel drive (AWD) system is your best bet if you want a vehicle with enhanced traction and acceleration. This configuration can send power to all four wheels instead of just the front or back two. 

The Hybrid MAX system integrates AWD into the Toyota Crown Platinum. But the way it’s done is different than other AWD vehicles. 
2023 Toyota Crown
From all-weather to performance driving, Toyota’s Hybrid MAX powertrain covers you with AWD. 
Remember that the Hybrid MAX has two electric motors, not one. The second electric motor is placed at the back of the Toyota Crown Platinum, controlling the rear wheels, while the first motor handles the front wheels. Most other all-wheel-drive vehicles need a heavy and sometimes sluggish line connecting the motor to the rear wheels, but the Hybrid MAX system solves that problem. 
Better yet, the AWD system is flexible. A built-in computer can sense driving conditions and automatically switch between a 70/30 front-rear power split and a 20/80 split, which improve traction and add muscle, respectively. 
And it’s this AWD system that helps the Toyota Crown Platinum offer several unique drive modes.

Additional drive modes 

Every Toyota Crown has three standard drive modes: Normal, Eco, and Sport. Eco enhances fuel conservation, and Sport prioritizes vehicle performance, while Normal balances the two. 
But the Toyota Crown Platinum, which has the specialized Hybrid MAX system, offers three additional drive modes — Sport+, Comfort, and Custom. 
2023 Toyota Crown dashboard image
With six different drive modes, the Toyota Crown Platinum is ready to meet your travel needs.

Sport+ mode focuses on steering response, ensuring you can turn crisp, satisfying corners with stability. Comparatively, comfort mode softens the ride to ensure passengers feel secure. And Custom mode is whatever you want it to be! The driver is free to adjust system settings, tailoring their driving experience. 

The Toyota Hybrid MAX defies cliché

Toyota is breaking stereotypes by proving hybrids can be just as powerful – sometimes more powerful – than their gas counterparts. To learn more about the Toyota Crown and Hybrid MAX system, visit your local Toyota dealership
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