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Meet the 8 safest 2022 Toyota models, according to the IIHS
April 2022
4 min read
When choosing a car for yourself or your family, you want to make sure it’s built with your safety as a priority. Thankfully, there’s an independent, nonprofit organization that can help you with vehicle safety evaluations.  
The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) does all the dirty work for you by crashing cars every year to test their strength. And they don’t just crash each one once. They do it multiple times, from multiple angles.  
Vehicles that hold up the best win the yearly title of TOP SAFETY PICK — or even TOP SAFETY PICK+, depending on the vehicle’s performance. In 2022, eight Toyota models made the cut. Keep reading to find out how each won — and stick around for a tour of their best qualities.  

2022 TOP SAFETY PICK Winners

To become a TOP SAFETY PICK, a vehicle must test “good” or higher on six crash tests that put different parts of the car to the test, like its side and roof strength. It also has to earn an “advanced” or higher rating for front crash prevention technology and come with available “Acceptable” or “Good” rated headlights. 

In 2022, three Toyotas were named TOP SAFETY PICKs


2022 Toyota Avalon

First up is the Avalon, which Toyota engineers redesigned in 2019. Since then, modifications like improved passenger seat airbags helped this vehicle pass all its crashworthiness tests with flying colors.

The addition of Toyota Safety Sense 2.5 , Toyota’s most advanced automated safety system to date, also made sure that the Avalon tested “superior” on its front crash prevention technology. Headlights on the limited, touring, and hybrid limited trims earned a “good” rating, ensuring that you can see far ahead to make wise driving decisions. 

With its 3.5L V6 engine, aerodynamic styling, and multiple hybrid options, the 2022 Toyota Avalon is a showstopper. Click here to get more details.  

2022 Toyota C-HR 

For what is now the second year in a row, the IIHS has named the Toyota C-HR a TOP SAFETY PICK. That’s thanks to its suitable crash tests and superior front crash prevention technology — just like the Avalon, the 2022 Toyota C-HR is equipped with Toyota Safety Sense 2.5+. The limited trim also had the headlights for the job, illuminating up to 450 feet in front of the vehicle. 
2022 iihs chr crash
In this C-HR crash test, the dummy’s “survival space” was maintained well, the IIHS notes. This means it didn’t crash hard into the door frame, steering wheel, or instrument panel. Photo courtesy of the IIHS.
First available in 2018, the C-HR is a newer option that carries its weight in the Toyota lineup. Newer trims like the Nightshade edition and Limited add both style and comfort, from shiny black spoilers and badges to an 8-way power-adjustable driver’s seat with lumbar support. Learn more about the C-HR here.  

2022 Toyota Venza 

The redesigned Venza has always been an IIHS TOP SAFETY PICK. It earned that distinguishment in 2021, its inaugural year, too.  

Both years, the superior front crash prevention held through, thanks to Toyota Safety Sense 2.0. So did the acceptable headlights on the XLE and Limited trims.  

Since the start, the Venza has been a car for the future. All trims are hybrid with electronic on-demand all-wheel drive and a whopping 39 miles per gallon. It can even come with unprecedented options like a 12.3-inch touchscreen display or Star Gaze™ fixed panoramic roof. Check out more details about the Venza here.  

2022 TOP SAFETY PICK+ Winners 

A TOP SAFETY PICK+ vehicle meets the same criteria as a TOP SAFETY PICK. The only difference is that acceptable or good headlights come standard instead of with certain packages or trim types. Five Toyotas won this award in 2022: 

2022 Toyota Camry 

It shouldn’t be a surprise that the newest Camry is an IIHS TOP SAFETY PICK+. It’s held that title for eight years in a row now — and before that, it was a TOP SAFETY PICK for three years in a row.  
2022 iihs camry crash
IIHS notes that the dummy’s position in relation to the door frame and dashboard after a 2022 Camry crash test indicates that the passenger’s survival space was “maintained very well.” Photo courtesy of the IIHS.
Classic to the Camry is its safety and reliability. With fantastic crash tests, superior front crash prevention systems, and a good or acceptable score on its headlights for every model, the 2022 Camry earns its reputation yet again.  

The Camry has come a long way since its introduction in 1983. Its models are incredibly varied, going from the regular 4-cylinder engine to the sporty TRD’s 6-cylinder engine to even four different hybrid options. Feel free to check out the 2022 Toyota Camry’s options and customizations here.

2022 Toyota Corolla and Corolla Hatchback 

In the small cars category, two different Corolla models won — the hatchback and the sedan. The vehicles tested “good” on every crashworthiness test and “superior” on front crash prevention technology with Toyota Safety Sense 2.0. Both vehicles even have roofs that can withstand pressure from objects over five times the vehicle’s weight. 
Corolla unveiled a fresh new look in 2020, which continues in the 2022 model year. At first glance, you’ll notice Corolla now has a lower, wider, and more aggressive design than before, which is complemented with extras. Adding to the assertive new redesign are distinctive new thin, yet radiant, LED headlights — standard on every 2022 Corolla.  
Learn more about the 2022 Corolla sedan or hatchback that’s right for you. 

2022 Toyota Highlander  

Known as a family car, the Highlander keeps up its end of the deal to protect you and your loved ones. It delivers on its crash tests, front crash prevention systems, and headlights just like the Camry. Its roof can even withstand over 20,000 pounds of force. That’s over four times the Highlander’s weight!  

The Highlander was redesigned from the ground up in 2020, introducing standards like V6 engines, enhanced all-wheel-drive capabilities in different terrain, and Trailer Sway Control to help you safely tow up to 5,000 pounds. The 2022 Highlander even has a new hybrid-only Bronze Edition. Click here to learn more about the Highlander.

2022 Toyota Sienna

The bigger the car, the safer it tends to be, the IIHS says — and that rings true for the 2022 Sienna, the largest car on our list. And on top of its great crash and crash prevention scores, every single Sienna headlight earns a score of “good,” illuminating up to nearly 500 feet in front of the vehicle.  
2022 iihs camry crash
In this frontal crash test, IIHS experts drove a Sienna into a wall in a controlled environment. Photo courtesy of the IIHS. 
Like the Venza, the Sienna has been all-hybrid since 2021. And like the Highlander, the Sienna also boasts an all-new model for 2022 — the Woodland Edition, crafted for outdoor adventures with features like a roof rack, tow hitch, and 1500-watt power outlet. Learn more about the new Sienna here.  

Toyota puts safety first 

With our consistent IIHS ratings and advanced Toyota Safety Systems, it’s clear that Toyota invests in your safety. Check out your local Toyota dealership to see what vehicle may be right for you.  
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