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Your lease-end choices

Your lease is ending soon. Do you know what you want to do next?

Return your lease

Ready to get behind the wheel of your next Toyota? Or maybe your lifestyle has changed, and you no longer need a vehicle. No matter the reason, here’s what you need to know about returning your lease. 


Green magnifying glass iconExplore all 2022 Toyota modelsGreen questions iconFind answers to common lease questions
Green overview iconLearn about Excess Wear and UseGreen inspection iconSchedule your no-cost lease-end inspection
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View your lease-end checklist  

Extend your lease

Need more time with your current Toyota? A lease extension may be for you.

To request a lease term extension please register for or log in to your account or give us a call at 877-272-7752.  You may also find these resources helpful while you consider what’s next: 


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Explore all 2022 Toyota modelsMagenta questions icon
Find answers to common lease questions
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Learn about Excess Wear and & UseMagenta compare iconCompare buying and leasing
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View your lease-end checklist  

Purchase your lease

Love your Toyota so much that you can’t bear to part with it? Or maybe you have some excess wear concerns. Either way, you’re in the right spot!

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Still need help?

Access more of the helpful information you need by registering for or logging in to your account. You can even communicate with us by secure message.

If online help isn’t your thing, that’s ok – our Lease-End Experience Representatives will be happy to assist you at 877-272-7752.