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Lease Accounts

How do I obtain a payoff on my account if I wish to purchase my vehicle before the end of my lease?

Customers who have already created a website account should log in to access your lease payoff amount, download the payoff form, and find the instructions for where to mail your payoff. 
Customers who have not yet created a website account should first register. After your website registration is complete and your account number has been added, you will be able to access your lease payoff information. 

The procedures differ depending on how your payoff is being handled.  You may reference the back of your statement for instructions. 
Payoff must be made payable to WOFC QI Exchange LLC and mailed to: 

Standard Delivery
WOFC QI Exchange LLC
Lockbox #8881
PO Box 8500
Philadelphia PA 19178-8881

Overnight Delivery
WOFC QI Exchange LLC
c/o Wells Fargo Bank
Lockbox #8881
401 Market Street
Philadelphia PA 19106-2107

For additional lease details or to speak with a Customer Care Representative, please call us toll free at 1-877-272-7752. 

Important Notices: 

  • You can purchase your leased vehicle by contacting us directly and paying the Payoff Amount. You do not need to engage a dealer or other third party. If you choose to engage a dealer or third party, they may charge you additional amounts for services that they provide. We do not control those amounts.

  • The actual payoff amount may be different from the payoff amount quoted in your account for various reasons, including any payment reflected in this quote being dishonored or reversed. Payment in full of the actual payoff amount is required to pay off the account balance, even if the actual payoff amount differs from the payoff amount quoted above.  

  • If a third party has agreed to pay off your account, there is a risk that their payment will be dishonored, in which case you would still remain responsible for your obligations to us and your account would be reopened. Unless such payment is made by cashier's check, money order or certified check, you should request proof from the third party that their payment has been honored by their financial institution, before delivering your vehicle and/or title to the third party. 

  • FLORIDA RESIDENTS: We use an outside agency to assist with the vehicle title. We have added $500.00 to your payoff amount to cover costs including titling, licensing, registration and the title agency processing fee. If the actual costs of these items total less than $500, the difference between $500 and the actual costs will be refunded to you by the agency by check.