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Moving to a New State

What steps does SETF require when I move to another state?

Please contact your local DMV to obtain an official written request to provide us the information required to facilitate the state transfer. The request must be completed before it is submitted.  
It's important that you also provide your new address to us. If you have a website account already, you can do this quickly and easily on your Contact Details page. You may also register for a website account so that you can update your address online. 
Before submitting the request, please ensure the lienholder and address are properly stated. 

For retail accounts the lienholder must be listed as: 

World Omni Financial Corp 
P.O. Box 9249 
Mobile, Al 36691 

For lease accounts the lienholder must be listed as: 

AL Holding Corp 
P.O. Box 91326 
Mobile, AL 36691 

For lease accounts only, the owner must be listed as: 

VT Inc. as Trustee World Omni LT 
6150 Omni Park Dr. 
Mobile, AL 36609 

You or your local DMV can submit this information by: 

Fax: 314-702-4255 
Mail to:  
P.O. Box 991817 
Mobile, AL 36691 
Secure Message (for customers with a website account)