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Paperless Options

How can I Go Green and replace paper invoices or statements with emails?

If you do not have an account created yet, the first step is to register here.

During the registration process, you will be asked about your preference for Paperless Statements and Email Notifications. Both options will default to “Yes” and then you will complete your registration process by selecting “Finish Set Up.”

If you have an account, please:


1. Visit this page (you’ll be asked to log in).

2. Click on "Statement Notifications."

3. Look for Paperless Statement and update your preference to "Yes."

4. If you’d like email alerts when your digital statement is ready to view, please choose “Yes” here also.

5. Move down the page to save your changes at the bottom.


Note: Your request may require up to one (1) month to take effect.


Remember, at any time after going paperless, you can print your online statement. You may also cancel your paperless option and resume receiving printed statements, unless you are on Auto Pay.