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Payment Methods

What if my check clears through my bank, but does not show as applied to my account?

Keep in mind, if you made a payment on the weekend or a holiday, the payment won't post on the website until the next business day. 

If your payment is still not posted, you can send us a copy of the front and back of your cancelled check, so we can research the missing payment. We offer three ways for you to send us a copy of the cancelled check: secure message center, fax and mail.

Secure Message: 

  1. Click here.
  2. Under "Topics," select "Payment."
  3. In the "Please Explain," please let us know that your bank processed your payment but it has not been posted to your account.
  4. Upload a copy of the front and back of your cancelled check.  
  5. Submit your request.


Please fax us at 314-702-4476, include a copy of the cancelled check, your name and account number.


Make sure to include a copy of the canceled check, your name and account number. 

If financing: 
Southeast Toyota Finance
PO Box 70832 
Charlotte, NC 28272-0832 
Call: 1-888-688-1166 

If leasing: 
Southeast Toyota Finance 
PO Box 70831 
Charlotte, NC 28272-0831 
Call: 1-877-272-7752

For questions or problems please call 1-888-688-1166.