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Updating your Account Information

My name is incorrect on my account. How can I get this corrected?

If your name was misspelled, you may submit a copy of your driver's license to update it on your account.

Once you're logged in to your account here on, select "Manage Name" in your profile's drop-down menu. On the "Manage Name" page, you can easily upload a copy of your driver's license to submit it via a secure message. 

You'll receive an email once your request is submitted.  For the current status of your request, visit your Secure Message page.

Your name correction can  be requested by mail instead of online. Just send your request and a copy of your driver's license to:
Southeast Toyota Finance
PO Box 991817
Mobile, AL 36691-8817

Your request and driver license copy can also be submitted via fax to 314-702-4622.

If your name has changed (i.e., by marriage, divorce, etc.), please click here for instructions.